[TxMt] Shell script colors work from Terminal, not when run from TM

Dru Kepple drukepple at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 23:45:59 UTC 2013

I've got a shell script that I tried to make a little more readable with
ANSI color.  It works when I run it from the command line, but when I have
it open in TM2 (and 1) and press Cmd-R, the script executes but I get no

For simplicity, I tried it with a very simple script:

printf "\e[31mhello\e[m\n"

In Terminal, I get a red "hello".  In TM, I get


Seems like some kind of escaping thing going on; can anyone point me in the
right direction?  I've tried a number of variations, including using print
and echo (with -e and w/o), but I get essentially the same results.

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