[TxMt] Re: >>>External Changes deleting parts of file

Greg web at web.knobby.ws
Sat Jan 5 19:50:37 UTC 2013

> On Jan 5, 2013, at 3:03 AM, Greg <web at web.knobby.ws> wrote:
>>>> Are you regularly using Ruby → Run (⌘R) with these files?
>>> Yes
>> This may be the problem after all.
> I did this commit https://github.com/textmate/ruby.tmbundle/commit/e7f78683144a53e7bb3e14f0f4a90437624664f4
> Your ruby bundle should automatically update soonish (you can check About → Bundles to see release notes for bundles, which would indicate whether or not it has been updated).
> While I don’t see how this would cause the behavior you’re seeing, it’s something I long wanted to fix, as having the command itself handle the saving does have a few disadvantages (like not respecting encodings) and it does stress the “externally modified” code.
> If you see the issue after your ruby bundle has updated, let me know.
>> […] What is the command for stop the running script?
> Control-C is the way to terminate a running script. This is done by sending SIGINT, SIGTERM, and then SIGKILL to the script and up the process tree (if the script has forked). If it fails, the only other way is to close the window (which effectively does the same, but includes the process that runs your script.
Thanks. The update has showed up. No problems with the updated version working with scripts NOT in Dropbox.

Next to try in Dropbox.

Thanks for the update.

Control-C not working. Reluctant to close window since I want the information written out while debugging. 

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