[TxMt] Re: TM_PYTHON ignored?

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Fri Feb 8 08:22:45 UTC 2013

On Feb 8, 2013, at 8:13 AM, K.-Michael Aye <kmichael.aye at gmail.com> wrote:

> […] When I do NOT have a shebang, it uses the above linked interpreter.
> ONLY when I use
> ----
> #!/usr/bin/env python
> ----
> as shebang, the WRONG interpreter (OSX default Python) is being used, despite the fact that when I am using "/usr/bin/env python" in a Terminal I again get the one I want […]

That is because the above shebang will use python found via PATH and you have likely altered your PATH for your shell so that the location of your custom installed python is listed before the system’s location.

You can alter PATH for TextMate in the same way, though I’m considering letting the script runners ignore shebang when TM_«interpreter» is set — it is likely more practical (despite a little wrong, e.g. your shebang could be broken, and you would never notice while developing in TextMate, because it is ignored).

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