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Max Lein realoreocookie at gmx.de
Thu Feb 7 12:19:20 UTC 2013

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>> (1) I've given up on symlinks, I open several editor windows instead.
> Have you considered using symlinks the other way round? I.e having a folder containing all the files you want in your "project" which would be opened in Textmate, and then setup symlinks to point back to it from other locations on the disk.
> In theory this would provide many benefits (i.e. grouping all the files in one place, allowing for one version control repo for them all, one .tm_properties file, etc...).
In my case I want to point to files which I want to re-use and those files are kept in a separate git repository. And in some cases, it's just to keep »read-only« files handy (e. g. papers, documentation, old files which I use to take snippets from). 

Unfortunately, the new features of TextMate 2 haven't really made an impact in my daily routines. Perhaps I'm just being ignorant, after all I didn't get the real power of TextMate 1 either until I watched the screen casts. 

So how have you adjusted your workflow? 

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