[TxMt] Problem with sidebar browser

Lewis Overton lewy at chena.fastmail.us
Tue Feb 5 02:54:57 UTC 2013

If this is a duplicate message please excuse me.

In TM2{9359} I often open projects by dragging a folder into TM2. This puts
the folder and subordinate files into the file browser (sidebar), from
which I can open files for editing.

Recently the file browser shows only folders. It shows no files with a
single exception. If there is an ".htaccess" file, that file shows in the
sidebar. To open a file for editing, I have to open it one file at a time.
I can't open any files from the file browser because they don't show.

I can open files by dragging in one at a time or using open on a single
file.This started about the time the browser-on-the-right change happened.
I can switch the sidebar from left to right and back with no problem.

I tried downloading 9359 again. Same results. I tried some earlier versions
and got told "corrupted dowload".

I could sure use some help.

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