[TxMt] [TM2] Soft Wrap - going way past the Window Frame

Chip Cullen chip at chipcullen.com
Fri May 4 15:29:30 UTC 2012

I know there have been a lot of questions about Soft Wrapping in Textmate
2, but I haven't found any solutions for a problem that I've had for a
while now.

Basically, I have "soft wrap" enabled, and I have it set to "Wrap Column >
Use Window Frame". I have it set as a global setting using a .tm_properties
file in my home directory.

My issue, though is that "soft wrap" seems to not work correctly.
Specifically, my lines of text (any language) *extend past the window frame*,
by a good 40 or so characters. This has the annoying effect of having to
horizontally scroll on *every* file that I open. If I narrow my window, the
wrap will readjust the lines, but again, keeping about 40 characters past
the window frame.

When I enable "Show Wrap Column" the line does appear, but the lines of
text keep on truckin' past it.

I know that I could set an explicit character count to force the wrap, even
aside from the default 40 or 80. I'm trying to avoid doing that, though,
because I use a laptop with a small monitor, but will hook it to a larger
monitor, and want to be able to readjust my windows on the fly. Plus, hey,
soft wrap worked perfectly before in TM1 - I'm wondering what I may have
set up wrong in TM2, or neglected to adjust.

I apologize if this has been mentioned in a previous listing - I looked,
but didn't see it. I also don't know if this got mentioned in any release
notes explicitly.

Thanks for your help!

chip at chipcullen.com
@chipcullen <https://twitter.com/#!/chipcullen>
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