[TxMt] Re: [TM2] Very minor feature request - to highlight current line

Thomas Floeren thomas.floeren at me.com
Thu Mar 22 00:58:54 UTC 2012

On 21.03.2012, at 14:31, Steve King wrote:

> On 2012-03-20 21:49, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> TM 2.0 uses CoreText which doesn’t synthesize bold and italic when the font has no such variant.
>> So you need to pick a font with a bold and italic variant for the theme styles to work. I have no plans of trying to synthesize these styles myself (not really feasible) and Apple seems content with not having CoreText do it (like the deprecated ATSUI did).
> Can't say I blame you, but... Ick.  Okay, anyone have a version of Andale Mono with bold and italic variants?  Or have a program that will synthesize such for me?

No, no synthesizer, but here is a nice list of monospaced fonts: http://hivelogic.com/articles/top-10-programming-fonts/

OS X (since 10.6 IIRC) comes with Menlo, a very nice Vera clone, with good antialiasing


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