[TxMt] Re: [TM2] Very minor feature request - to highlight current line

Steve King sking at arbor.net
Tue Mar 20 20:58:37 UTC 2012

On 2012-03-20 16:13, Hans-Jörg Bibiko wrote:
> in TM 1.x it was possible to highlight the current line. In TM2 I can see a nice gutter effect which is feasible for almost all cases but I'm sometimes editing plain text tables with rather long lines and here it'd be nice to have a visual indicator for the current line to be able to read long lines better.

Seconded. I miss this feature from TM1.  I also miss the ability to 
specify /italic text/ in the themes. I was kind of assuming both those 
fell into the "not yet implemented" category. I hope that's the case 
rather than them falling into the "not going to bother" category.

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