[TxMt] Gutter not rendering correctly when switching tabs.

David Howden dhowden at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 15:16:38 UTC 2012


I've noticed a few times that switching tabs causes the gutter to not 
refresh properly.  Switching to a file with fewer lines seems not to 
refresh the gutter beyond the number of lines in the new file.

Not sure if this is a known issue.  The attached picture is from a file 
which has 36 lines.

Also, a brief feature request:  Would be awesome to be able to set the 
background/foreground colour of the gutter to match the highlight theme 
:-).  I realise that this could cause problems with images for folding 
markers and bookmarks, but we could also have options to set images/colours 
for those too :-P.


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