[TxMt] Re: Services menu empty in TM2

FredB fredb7 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 13:03:07 UTC 2012

On Friday 16 March 2012 at 10:28, Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 14/03/2012, at 09.30, Fred B wrote:
> > […] If it doesn't work for anyone, I'm surprised nobody mentioned it before.
> I am not that surprised, but then, I loved the concept when I first learned about it (switching to OS X) but found I never actually used them (with the exception of “Open URL”).
I don't use a lot of them, but those I use are hardwired now.
As I wrote, the Double Option for Instant Send in LaunchBar use the service.
I also use Open URL, Search Google and Calculate & Append all the time, but they can easily be made with commands inside TM.  
> I added the missing code in current test build (r9100).

Works fine now. Thanks for the quick fix, Allan!  

Have a nice day.  

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