[TxMt] crashes

Lewy lewy at chena.fastmail.us
Mon Mar 12 20:30:15 UTC 2012

I get a lot of crashes now. This pretty much has to be something odd locally. Otherwise, I'd be seeing a lot of talk about it on this list. It seems like a good time to delete TM2 and reload the thing, but there is some stuff I don't want to lose. I have some local bundles (from TM1) which I think are working with TM2. They are mostly snippets.

I have built some additions to favorites folder which would be nice but not essential to preserve. Other than that, I'd like to clear all the TM2 stuff out without using one of the find-em-all trash cleaners. Someone mentioned doing that and having trouble getting TM2 back later.

I would like two thing:
1. Where do I get the current download of TM2; and
2. What do I delete?

Should I delete the just the plist first or would it be just as good and less work to reload the whole thing.

I like TM2 and don't want to give it up. And this list has been a great help to me. Thank you all.


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