[TxMt] Re: TM2: Default unknown file types to plain text?

Gildas Hamel gweltaz at ucsc.edu
Fri Mar 9 20:32:11 UTC 2012

* Steve King (sking at arbor.net) scripsit:
  |>  In TM2 is there any way to default unknown file types to plain
  |>  text without the "What is the file type of..." dialog?  I come
  |>  across a lot of files without extensions and 99% of the time I
  |>  want to treat them as plain text. Is there a way to just skip
  |>  the dialog?

Not sure this exactly answers your question but I put the following in my .tmproperties file at the ~/ level:

{ attr.file.unknown-type }
fileType = text

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