[TxMt] Some text-navigation/selection questions or requests

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> From: Jacob Bandes-Storch <jacob at bandes-storch.net>
> Subject: [TxMt] Some text-navigation/selection questions or requests
> Date: March 5, 2012 12:02:16 PM AKST
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> - With multiple selections or a selected range, pressing the up arrow key will put a single caret one line above the first selection/caret, and pressing down goes one line below the last one or the end. It would be nice to have a way to move up from the last line or down from the first line. (Perhaps a modifier to choose beginning/end and then the arrow key can dictate only which direction to move).

That sounds like a job for bookmarks. Look under the navigation menu. Put one at the top of your section, another at the end. Toggle between them using F2

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