[TxMt] Re: Spelling and Printing

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Fri Mar 2 11:04:40 UTC 2012

> I do not want to be impatient. However, 3.5 months later still no fix for correct Apple spell checking mechanisms in TM. Since I use TM daily for writing LaTeX documents in both, English and German, multi-lingual spell checking is essential for me to render TM useful. With all respect to your work on TM, may I request a more urgent inspection and fix of the still-not-working spell checking facilities in TM?

Well, I could say the same towards Apple. They had broken the multi-language spelling check in Leopard, then fixed it in Snow Leopard (1.5 year after I had submitted them bug reports), just to break it again in Lion. The automatic spelling does not work at all in Lion, changing spelling language to specific language has no effect on the text that is already there in Cocoa NSTextView, the underlined errors remain, even the words are perfectly fine for the selected language.

So I wouldn't blame Allan for that but rather Apple for this bogus implementation. Seems like guys at Cupertino were so sure about quality so skipped QA testing :( AFAIK TM1 spelling was working fine, because it was not based on Cocoa views, but it was somehow done on lower level.


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