[TxMt] Re: [TM2] Disable automatic indentation

Emmanuel Blot eblot.ml at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 11:13:12 UTC 2012

>>> By "workaround", I mean something like "ignore all comments for computing indentation level",
>> The manual has a section about how these rules work. There are no hidden settings left out.
> Ok, so I should read the manual to understand how to fix my indentation issues.

About the indentation rules:
  * can they be edited from the TM2 bundle editor? It does not look
like the changes are taken into account, maybe there's a "refresh" or
"reload" action to invoke?
  * they are reverted to the original settings once TM2 is restarted.
Should I copy them into my user directory so that they override the
default ones?
I read the doc for TM1:

I'm afraid I ask for questions that have been already replied dozens
of times, but I'm unable to google the proper ML answers :-(

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