[TxMt] Re: TM2: Keyboard shortcut Bundles window

Carsten Hoever hoever at gmx.de
Tue Jun 26 15:14:34 UTC 2012

On 26 Jun 2012, at 17:02, Allan Odgaard wrote:

>> in TM1 the keyboard shortcut ctrl+esc would bring up a free floating version of the Bundles item in the menu bar which was really nice for accessing bundle commands just with the keyboard. I have not been able to recreate this behavior in TM2, am I right in assuming that it is completely gone (which afaic would be a shame)?
> It is gone, yes. For now there is ⌃⌘T for quickly finding bundle items.

While I like the functionality of the Select Bundle Items pop-up window, it IMHO can't fully replace what you could get with ctrl+esc in TM1. AFAIC, the old feature was particularly useful for bundles you did not use every day, i.e. when you did not know all bundle items, commands, etc. by hard. It often helped me to find bundle features I would never had found with the Select Bundle Items commands, simply because I did not know that they exist and hence could not search them. Sure, all this is still possible with the regular Bundle menu, but the acessing that with the mouse is quite inconvenient.

Just my 2 cents.


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