[TxMt] Re: Experiencing trouble editing HTML

Justin Catterall 100621.1 at masonsmusic.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 08:14:07 UTC 2012

On 22 Jun 2012, at 03:52, Erika Tarte wrote:

> Just started encountering a problem with quotation marks, single
> quotation marks, and certain words while editing HTML with TextMate
> 1.5.10 on OSX 10.7.
> To demonstrate, I've pasted dummy text with a single quotation mark
> and certain words within a paragraph (see attached). Seems TextMate is
> treating the single quotation mark as a prime and adjusts syntax
> highlighting accordingly. Everything renders fine in the browser, but
> this makes editing code very difficult.
> On a different machine, I've opened the same HTML file in TextMate
> 1.5.10 on OSX 10.7 and everything is working perfectly fine.

Long shot, double check the language selected (the field second from  
left, bottom of TM window). The picture shows 'and', 'do' and 'my'  
highlighted which looks like syntax highlighting for Perl (and  
probably others) - though, of course, if those are keywords in JS too  
then the html bundle probably knows that syntax too... I did say it  
was a long shot.

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