[TxMt] Re: foldingStartMarker

Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 17:08:42 UTC 2012

On 18 Jun 2012, at 5:59 PM, domguin <dom at domguinness.com> wrote:
> I use a scripting language at work that windows users use with Notepad++. 
> N++ only uses //. and //.. as the start and end of folding and for the life
> of me I can't get my regex to capture the closing reference.  I would expect
> //\.\. to work but I'm not having any joy...

Seems like this should work as a folding rule?

{	foldingStartMarker = '^//\..*$)';
	foldingStopMarker = '(^//\.\..*$)';

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