[TxMt] Retina display support in TM2

Noah Daniels ndaniels at mac.com
Sat Jun 16 03:04:32 UTC 2012

First off, let me say that I've really been enjoying Textmate 2 for the last 6 months. I've established a highly productive set of customized key bindings for my work in Haskell, LaTeX, Ruby, and C.

But, the new Retina Display macbook pros are the sort of disruptive technology release that makes a reasonably up to date app like TextMate 2 instantly look old, due to the text rendering resolution. I haven't myself investigated how much work it is to support Retina displays, but I would hope that Allen is working on this. Is there any progress on Retina display support for TM2?

(I should note that similar clamor exists for Sublime, but that Chocolat now supports Retina displays).

(TM user since 2005)

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