[TxMt] Change in tab trigger / word breaking behaviour between TM1 and TM2

JiHO jo.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 16:11:21 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Because of the excellent rmate, I took a dive and tried to switch
completely to TM2 today. It took some time to selectively migrate my
old config (spring cleaning!) but most things now work correctly.
Thanks for the great update! (yeah it's been a while but I hope it's
still nice to hear)

One thing I cannot get to work is the following:

I had a simple snippet which inserted " <- " with a tab trigger that
was "=" (this allowed me to type =TAB and get the preferred syntax for
assignation in the R language, nicely spaced out). This worked in TM1
for any = sign but does not work in TM2 when there is no space between
the = sign and the preceding word. For example, in TM1:

	foo=TAB		gave 	"foo <- "
	foo =TAB	gave	"foo  <- "

in TM2:

	foo=TAB		gives 	"foo=	"
	foo =TAB	gives	"foo  <- "

I suspect this comes from what TM considers as a "word". Is there any
way I can get the old behaviour back?

Thanks in advance,


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