[TxMt] Re: Deadkeys, auto-pairing, etc.

Gildas Hamel gweltaz at ucsc.edu
Thu Jun 14 15:43:03 UTC 2012

* Skriv a reas Andreas U Schmidhauser (au at schmidhauser.us):
  |>  Ancient Greek has a lot of accents ("diacritics") and the best way to input them is by means of deadkeys. One of the more common ways to do so is to have a keyboard that assigns four of the possible combinations to the square and curly brackets (i.e. "[, ], {, }"). An example: if I type "[", then hit the key "E", I'll obtain the character "ἔ" (U+1F14, i.e. an epsilon that has a smooth and an acute accent); if I do likewise with the key "A", I'll get "ἄ" (U+1F04); etc.

In case the following is helpful, since this is a matter of personal preference, here is how I enter ancient Greek: I use Greek polytonic, set in my Input Sources in Language and Text Preferences, and have no problem entering diacritics in TextMate. Forward slash + e in that keyboard gives me ἔ. I'm on TM 2, with OS 10.7.4.  

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