[TxMt] Re: Lion: launch warnings shown in Console.app

sirquijote at lavabit.com sirquijote at lavabit.com
Wed Jun 13 15:31:10 UTC 2012

Ok, I've just fixed it, and it's extremely simple.  Here's a walkthrough:

1) Prepare a duplicate of Info.plist (I copy it to the Desktop)
2) Launch the duplicate with TextMate
3) Open the Find
 dialogue (CMD-f or Edit>Find>Find
4) In the Find
 field, enter the following:
5) In the Replace
 field, enter the following:
CFBundleTypeRole = Editor;\n\tCFBundleTypeExtensions
6) Check the box for "Regular Expressions", uncheck the box for "Ignore
7) In the Info.plist document window, select all the text between
CFBundleDocumentTypes and /* bundle items */ , inclusive.
8) Perform a "Replace All in Selection" by either going to
Edit>Find>Replace All in Selection, or hitting Shift-Ctrl-Cmd-f. You
should receive the response in the Find
 dialogue box that 97 changes were
9) Save & Quit TextMate
10) Rename TextMate's original Info.plist file by performing a Get Info

on it, appending ".default" to the text in the Name & Extension field, and
authenticating if necessary.
11) Drag-and-drop the new Info.plist file into the folder alongside the
just-renamed original, and authenticate if necessary.  You will want to
change its ownership and permissions to reflect those of the original.

That's it. TextMate is working just fine with my new .plist, and I'm down
to only 8 errors in the Console, which I can happily live with.
This was a case of the physician successfully healing him/herself - the
Replace All in Selection made this all so simple :)

Thanks, Fritz, for outlining what needed to be done.


> On 9 Jun 2012, at 11:29 AM, SQ wrote:
>> So it's a time-consuming rather than complex issue to fix, is that
>> right?  I'll happily do this myself if it's just a case of adding 90
>> keys.  if someone could point me to the data that has to be added, and a
>> tutorial on how to add it, i'd even upload the result for others to
>> incorporate.
> Find TextMate in the Finder. Duplicate if for backup purposes, as I don't
> know whether TextMate is signed to prevent alteration. Compress the
> backup.
> Right-click and select Show Package Contents. Contents > Resources >
> Info.plist
> Drag the file to your favorite editor.
> Inside each { } group containing CFBundleTypeName, up to the "bundle
> items" comment on line 358 (on my copy), add the following line:
> =====
> CFBundleTypeRole = Editor;
> =====
> I am not sure what the role of "bundle items" is, so I won't venture a
> guess. (Viewer? None? Not Editor.) If you don't do anything with those { }
> dictionaries, you may still have seven warnings in the log, but that's
> better than 90+
> 	— F
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