[TxMt] [TM2] Really bad performance

Matthias mawe at typeofundefined.com
Sun Jul 22 21:54:52 UTC 2012

Not sure how often the performance issue has come up yet, can't find much about it in the archives except a mention that the file browser might make trouble. So please excuse me if this has already been discussed and I just missed it.

TM2 really is slow. I get heavy CPU spikes on various occasions; switching tabs, bringing focus to the application, saving etc. This gets really bad and it takes seconds to perform actions. At times it eats 100%+ CPU for minutes and is hardly responding.

Also, memory usage/management isn't that great. The amount of memory used constantly climbs, closing stuff doesn't help. (Working with a few files leaves me with 500 MB memory used, even after closing all editor windows).

It's almost impossible to work with it.

I know, this is alpha and stuff, but I'd really like to put TM2 to the test and just can't. I've used it at work for some time now but had to stop because it severely slowed me down. (Who tests this in their free time? ;-))

Is this just me? I see nobody else complaining.

I constantly get this behaviour and if there's anything I can do to help debug or profile, let me know.

– Matthias

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