[TxMt] Re: File browser, font size and scrolling

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Jul 12 06:50:02 UTC 2012

On 30 Jun 2012, at 15:11, Matthias wrote:

> Is there a way to set the font size for the file browser? I have it set to 11 in Finder and would like to have it like hat in the file browser as well.

Is this TextMate 1.x? If so:

    defaults write com.macromates.textmate OakProjectDrawerFontSize -int 15

> And when deep in a folder structure it becomes hard to navigate as the file browser just "compresses" file and folder names. Things get cool names like "e…p" (ext_localconf.php) or simply just disappear. I know I can work against this by making the file browser wider but when it already occupies half of your screen it gets amusing.

The problem with introducing horizontal scroll is that the virtual size has to be set to some fixed value¹. Since there is only a single column in the browser, I find a fixed width less desirable than the current situation, and for 2.o we allow descending into folders so you don’t get all this indent from the parent folders.

¹ At least w/o subclassing the table view and changing performance characteristics by having to query all table cells for size regularly.

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