[TxMt] TM2 Completion issue

Darren Boyd darren.boyd at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 20:44:27 UTC 2012

TM2 (at least in Ruby) seems to treat words as what the compiler sees,
rather than what the developer sees.

For example, in the following ruby code...

  def some_variable

With the cursor after '@so', when you hit escape, nothing happens.  Given
that (from the developers point of view), the accessor method for
'some_variable' and the instance variable name for the same are the same
things, shouldn't that complete properly?

The same goes with symbols.  This code has a similar problem...

  before_filter :some_method

  def some<cursor>

So far, this has probably been one of the frustrating issues in TM2 for me.
 Is this going to be fixed/changed?
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