[TxMt] Re: Insert Color... Problem

Tom Peck tom at masaclaw.co.nz
Mon Jan 16 17:27:45 UTC 2012

I have the same issue as below, except I have removed TextMate 1 so now when using the colour insert picker from within TextMate 2 (Bundles->CSS->Insert Color), TextMate 2 hangs requiring a force quit. After force quitting TextMate 2, it re-opens automatically, and I am presented with the colour picker but am unable to do anything until the colour picker
is closed. 


ExploZe wrote:
> Just to say there is a problem with the snippet "Insert Color..." Of Css,
> when you have the 2 version of TextMate on you're mac TextMate 2 Call the
> "Insert Color..." of TextMate 1 and so you loose the focus, but in the
> most of case i'm unable to get the focus back and i will force to "Force
> Quit" TextMate 2.

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