[TxMt] Go to file performance

Connor McKay connor at verticalforest.com
Sat Jan 14 20:37:58 UTC 2012

TextMate 2 seems very promising feature wise, but one of my biggest complaints with version 1 was the slow performance of extremely large projects (20k+ files), particularly when using the "Go to file" command. I was very disappointed then to see that the v2 alpha is even slower in this regard, unusably so. When I try to type a file name, one letter appears at a time with up to ten seconds in between, and this is on a quad core i7 with an SSD. Even using the `find` command from the terminal is faster, and it walks the entire directory tree every time.

I understand that this is an alpha, and that performance was one of the things that was left for later tuning. But I'm afraid that more than tuning is needed in this case, although I could be wrong. I would simply ask that the performance of large projects be made more of a priority than it currently is.

Connor McKay

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