[TxMt] Re: Projects are gone in TM2?

Rob Cope rwcope2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 15:41:51 UTC 2012

On Dec 15, 2011, at 6:00 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> I of course have many ideas...[snip]...turning the present session restore in AppSupport/Session into “file packages” so we can easily work with multiple sessions even in a file-system friendly way

I've been working on a daily basis with the TM2 alphas since their release, and so far this is the only piece I really wish I had.  In every other way, the file browser, favorites, scm, and .tm_properties files have worked fantastically for me.

One other enhancement that would really help is being able to associate shortcut keys with favorites.  Maybe something along the lines of how they can be associated with AppleScripts in Scripts menus.  


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