[TxMt] Re: Deleted Blog setup template, Google Blogger, Good startup projects

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sat Jan 7 22:58:08 UTC 2012

On 07/01/2012, at 22.47, joshsmith01 at me.com wrote:

> In my inexperience I deleted my Blogging Bundle template. At least I saved it
> as a blank file. Is there a way to get that back?

Deleted it from the bundle editor? If so: http://manual.macromates.com/en/bundles#deleting_default_bundles_items

> I have a Google Blogger blog that I would like to edit with Text Editor. I
> can't seem to get it to work. I can't find the endpoint URL on Blogger. Does
> Blogger work or can you suggest a better blogging website?


> Does anyone have any good learning projects to get started with TextMate and
> AppleScript? 


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