[TxMt] Problems handling Windows-encoded files

Trevor Harmon trevor at vocaro.com
Wed Jan 4 00:45:00 UTC 2012

When I try to open files that have extended characters (e.g. curly 
apostrophe) and are saved with "Western - Windows" encoding, TextMate 2 
gives an "Unknown Encoding" error with a hex dump of the file and asks 
for the encoding. If I choose "Western - Windows", TextMate opens the 
file successfully. (The default encoding is set to the default, "Unicode 
- UTF-8".) Also, if I have a project containing these files, Find In 
Project fails because TextMate sees them as binary files.

Is there any way to have TextMate autodetect the encoding so that 
opening and searching files works as expected? Thanks,


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