[TxMt] Re: couple of questions RE TM2

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Tue Jan 3 21:49:32 UTC 2012

On 29/12/2011, at 07.45, Phil Schumm wrote:

> 1) None of the bundle commands seem to work for me (e.g., TODO -> Show TODO List, Python -> Run Script, Mercurial -> Status, etc.) -- they all give the following error:
> /Users/pschumm/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Managed/Bundles/Bundle Support.tmbundle/Support/shared/lib/escape.rb:23:in `e_url': private method `gsub' called for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Seems like the e_url helper function is called with nil. It would be good to see a full stack trace for a specific command, so we can figure out what argument is given to the utility function.

> 2) I can't seem to get the Wrap Column indicator line to show up […]

Only drawn when soft wrap is enabled.

> 3) The font rendering seems a bit odd, or at least not like it is in TM 1.5, Terminal, etc.  

Apple has half a dozen font rendering APIs and I honestly think they are backed by different glyph layout code — TM 1.x used ATSUI, 2.0 uses CoreText, most Cocoa applications use NSLayoutManager indirectly via NSTextView, Terminal I think uses neither of those, etc.

> In particular, I typically use Monaco 9 pt. with antialiasing turned off.  However, when I set TM2 this way, the letters are smaller than they are in an equivalent TM 1.5 or Terminal window and the interline spacing is much larger;

I made the default interline spacing 1 or 2 pixels larger than what’s reported by the font, this was required for some non-Western scripts to not overlap. I do plan to make this delta configurable though (as it was in 1.x).

> in addition, the letters do not appear to be uniformly spaced.

I have noticed this myself and so far been unable to disable “sub-pixel positioning” of glyphs, but I have it on the list of issues.

As for your ghosting issues: you are likely using a theme with a transparent background which isn’t supported yet, although latest debug build (available by holding option when clicking Check Now) does have support for this.

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