[TxMt] Re: TM2: Latex\Watch Document problem

Philipp Kühl philipp.kuehl at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 28 21:53:08 UTC 2012

> in TM2 I have the problem that the dialog that says
> "LaTeX Watch: Compiling document" never disappears.
> If I force quit the Cocoadialog things work just fine,
> but it is annoying to have to force quit
> the process every time I Watch a new document.

My workaround is preventing TM from starting the dialog.
I don't really have an idea of what I'm doing but commenting out the
following lines for the watch document command in the bundle editor
seems to kill the dialog while keeping the rest of watch document

#nice -n 20 CocoaDialog progressbar --indeterminate --title 'LaTeX
Watch' --text 'LaTeX Watch: Compiling document' </dev/console
&>/dev/null &
#progressbar_pid=$(jobs -p %%)
#disown %%

watch_script_opts="--textmate-pid $PPID" # --progressbar-pid $progressbar_pid"

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