[TxMt] [TM2] Disable automatic indentation

Emmanuel Blot eblot.ml at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 18:26:04 UTC 2012


TM2 indentation behavior seems erratic (one key I hit out of ten is
dedicated to revert the last automatic indentation action) so I
disabled from the C bundle "Indentation Rules" and "Indentation Rules
(Comments)" in the bundle editor - I'm editing ANSI C files.

However, TM2 keeps changing the indentation in some random way (from
my perspective, while TM1 was mostly right). Is some special action
required to tell TM2 to stop altering the indentation till it gets

As a more generic question, is there a way to tell TM2 "cancel the
last automatic indentation and do not repeat it on the next key hit"?

I really do prefer to lose automatic indentation rather than fighting
the indentation engine with every single edited line.


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