[TxMt] Re: [TM2] Subversion command problems?

Andrew Jaffe a.h.jaffe at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 18:11:10 UTC 2012

Hi Alan et al,

On 14/02/2012 11:06, Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 08/02/2012, at 06.56, Andrew Jaffe wrote:
>> […] This is an svn+ssh connection, with ssh  = $SVN_SSH ssh -Y in .subversion/config.
>> It works fine with TM1 (and from the command line). I've tried explicitly setting TM_SVN and SVN_SSH within TM2, to no avail.
> We’ve seen a handful of reports from users with a passphrase on their ssh key reporting that it fails in TM2 but works in TM1.x.
> Unfortunately I have no idea why it is able to get the passphrase (presumably from KeyChain) in 1.x but not 2.0.
> Only workaround so far is to remove the passphrase from the ssh key.

Do you mean remove permanently (which I'd prefer not to do!) or remove 
and replace?

Is there any help needed debugging this?


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