[TxMt] making projects

Lewy lewy at chena.fastmail.us
Sun Feb 12 02:54:22 UTC 2012

@Devon from digest

> My project structure is more complicated than .tm_properties will allow.  I organize projects by referencing different folders from several different places.
> I guess I would need support for aliases or symlinks or something in order to use TM2 the way that I use TM1.  Has anyone else found a good workaround for this?
> - Devon

What I have done is to make a (project) folder somewhere convenient and fill it with Mac aliases. They seem to work just fine for the purposes, so there is no need to hit terminal to make links. Put your collection of aliases into the project folder. Open the folder in TM2 and add it to favorites. It seems to work very nicely, although it is a bit labor intensive to set up. However, I'm sure that eventually some of the wizards who inhabit this realm will concoct a scheme to make this easier. Functionally, it is serving me well. 

I work mostly with web sites which are not particularly large. Version control with svn is nice from TM2. It's all under cmd-Y whether you use Git or Svn. There are some oddities in that package, but I'm willing to be patient. 

I like seeing files using OS structure and I can get to any file on the system with this approach. For working with a folder of files, things are simple.

I suppose this is alpha because some parts are not yet present. It runs like a good beta, however. I am using it almost exclusively. Good job, folks.


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