[TxMt] Problem with TM2 and Mekentosj Papers 2 citekeys

Noah Daniels ndaniels at mac.com
Sun Dec 30 04:10:50 UTC 2012

I've been using TM2 for a year now, mostly for Haskell, C, and Go development.

Recently, I've transitioned my LaTeX workflow to TM2 (from TeXShop; I never used TM1 for LaTeX) and am noticing a problem.

In a LaTeX document in TM2, if I invoke my hotkey for Mekentosj Papers' citation feature, and try to insert a citekey, it instead inserts the _previous_ contents of my clipboard (whatever I'd previously copied).

In any other application I have tested this in (Terminal, Mail, Sublime 2, TextEdit... I no longer have TM1 on my system) this works as expected.



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