[TxMt] SVN scope, and a few other bits

Jonas Zimmermann listen at jonaszimmermann.de
Tue Aug 28 10:14:51 UTC 2012

Dear all,
Another question regarding the subversion bundle:
I understand the scope of the operation is selected by marking the file or folder in the file browser pane. In TM1 the parent folder had its own item at the very top, so it could be selected instead of a subfolder or file. Now, if my list of files is shorter than the space in the file browser pane, I can click in the empty space to get the parent folder as scope. However, I haven't found how to do this if my list of files/subfolders fills the entire pane.

And here are some other things; sorry if they've been covered before, but I didn't see them mentioned:

Is it possible to detach the results view from the window? For both tasks I use (LaTeX type setting and SVN) having this view attached to the main project window wastes a lot of space, as the information is concentrated in the left third or so of the window. Vertical extent of that window is more important.
So can I get the old detached windows back?

Can bundles in file browser get a triangle so they can be unfolded? Having to do the right-click, 'show package content'  thing is a bit cumbersome (especially since you then dive into the hierarchy).

Find window: can the result view for 'find all' get horizontal scrolling and and option for line wraps? Right now I cannot see the results of my search for long lines.


PS: I'm very, very happy to see the frequent updates. I'm prepared to pay (again) for TM2 once it becomes stable.

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