[TxMt] Re: problem with TODO bundle and TM2: File Does not Exist

Max Lein realoreocookie at gmx.de
Tue Aug 7 16:44:25 UTC 2012

> On 7 Aug 2012, at 05:51, Max Lein wrote:
>> To my knowledge, I have installed the latest version of the »official« Todo bundle (last updated in 2010, the one you can find at github.com/textmate/todo.tmbundle). I have also tried newer branches to no avail. The same version of the bundle under Textmate 1.5 works just fine. 
> You probably need to install the avian version: https://github.com/avian/todo.tmbundle though you should be able to install this bundle from the preferences pane as it's an official one.
Thanks for the link, I've installed the version of the TODO bundle specific to Avian and removed the old bundle. Unfortunately, that hasn't fixed my problem. Is there any way I can track down this problem any further? 


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