[TxMt] Re: defining scope for spelling

David Howden dhowden at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 01:58:18 UTC 2012

So it seems that these settings only work properly on a per-file
basis, so this solution is not useful at all in this case!

I suppose that if you're using tex you can actually just have the
different languages in different files and \input{french-file} them?

On 4 August 2012 11:32, David Howden <dhowden at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not at all, though sadly it doesn't work properly as yet.  Waiting on
> a response from allan on how fully the spelling stuff is integrated
> with the scopes...
> David.
> On 4 August 2012 10:49, Gildas Hamel <gweltaz at ucsc.edu> wrote:
>> * Skriv a reas David Howden (dhowden at gmail.com):
>>  [....]
>>   |>  Place your cursor before the letter B and hit Ctrl+Shift+P (to show
>>   |>  you the scope).  It will show meta.lang.fr in the list that appears.
>>   |>  The language injection works!
>>   |>
>>   |>  Now put the properties into a relevant .tm_properties file (as above),
>>   |>  and it should work fine (though not at the moment :-/).
>>   |>
>>   |>  Hope this is helpful! At least you don't have to bother until this works :-).
>>   |>
>> Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to experiment. I'll give it a try and adapt to my setup.
>>   --Gildas
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