[TxMt] Re: {{*.{o,pyc},Icon in title bar

Artie Ziff artie.ziff at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 23:48:57 UTC 2012

On 4/30/12 1:31 PM, George McGinley Smith wrote:
> On 30 Apr 2012, at 20:51, Artie Ziff wrote:
>> Am I the only Luser on the
>> planet with TM2 that displays:
>> {{*.{o,pyc},Icon
>> in the title bar?
> I think so.
> Have you tried moving/deleting your .tm_properties file?

Umm. No. But I should have! Thank you!
Evidently I needed a firm push.
Thanks to David too for suggesting same.
A great community is Textmate. Wiki not so good. lol!
I see some line I copy blind from wiki causes the problem.
   ::::     include = "{.tm_properties,.htaccess}"
Maybe not a good idea to include .tm_properties in .tm_properties. YMMV.
This line may cause TM2 to write this "{{*.{o,pyc},Icon" in the titlebar.

I'd be interested to see more .tm_prop files, to learn more about what 
can be done in them.
Are people sharing them somewhere?

Thank you to everyone.


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