[TxMt] Re: Creating A Simple Bundle

Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 16:20:16 UTC 2011

hi Mark,
All you do is set the scope selector for each snippet and command you create to "text.html, source.php” or something similar

You don’t need to give your bundle a language file: html files will automatically run the html bundle language definition.

Easy: then drop the bundle in svn or something so your buddies can sync to updates you or they implement as it grows


On 23 Mar 2011, at 4:13 PM, Mark Parson wrote:
> I'm wanting to create a series of snippets and commands associated with editing a certain type of html file. I'd like these to be portable to the rest of my team, and rather than placing these snppets / commands in the html bundle, I'd like to create a new bundle that "extends" the html bundle. ie: the language definition is empty except for a directive that this is html. 
> I assume this should be pretty simple. The main question I have is how I should set up the language definition.

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