[TxMt] Re: shift-right and caret position question

Mark Jackson mrcodewizard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 03:31:49 UTC 2011

On Feb 28, 2011, at 6:21 PM, saiwingy wrote:

> sorry, by "\n" I meant that there is a new line at the end, not a slash
> followed by an "n".

*lol* got it

I am on TM 1627. Strange in that it says that the latest cutting edge version is 1623. Hmm.

I tried SHIFT LINE with just "text" on a line.

text<caret here>

SHIFT RIGHT or LEFT and the <caret> stays at the line end. 

<tab>text<caret here>

When I do this:

te<caret here>xt and SHIFT RIGHT I get this:

t<caret here>ext  

which I believe is accepted behavior in some editors. I have seen this in other editors previously. I can not remember the explanation for it, though.

when i do this:

<caret here>text

and SHIFT RIGHT I get this

<caret here><tab>text

<tab> being 4 spaces wide. Again, I believe I have read somewhere this is accepted as normal in some text editors.

I want to say it's about the line moving, and the caret is stationary except when at EOL. However I can't place the reference right now. Sorry, I am in bed ill at the moment so I am a bit foggy. (yea like any of you would not have your laptop, coding, emailing, etc…)

Hope that helps a bit.

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