[TxMt] Re: How can I Find / Replace multiple lines of code in the project

Dru Kepple dru at summitprojects.com
Thu Jun 30 21:06:45 UTC 2011

On Jun 30, 2011, at 1:20 PM, Steve King wrote:
> The same functionality is there, though, even though the input is only 
> one line high.  You can paste in a multi-line string, or highlight a 
> multi-line string in the document and press ⌘E (Edit → Find → Use 
> Selection for Find).
> Or use regular expressions and enter "\n" in place of carriage returns.

You can also type a line break with Opt-Return.  Again, you'll only see one line at a time, but this way you can type it in if that's the best approach.

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