[TxMt] Re: iOS objective c bundle

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Thu Jun 30 14:01:32 UTC 2011

On Jun 29, 2011, at 8:24 PM, pier25 wrote:

> I saw there is an Objective C bundle, but as you said the problem are those
> really long method names in the cocoa/cocoa touch frameworks...

The Obj-C bundle supports completion for a lot of these via ⌥⎋, but I think it only knows about the standard Cocoa objects, not the ones defined in your classes.

> In the AS3 bundle pressing ctrl+h the Adobe documentation for the current
> tag pops up, and you have also a command (cmd+enter) for telling flash to
> compile the swf file. I suppose it should be possible to do the same for
> objective C.

This works for Objective-C. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I might open the project in TextMate instead of Xcode. Documentation for current word is so much easier to get to.

But yeah, there are things you need Xcode for like debugging and switching between Release and Devel configurations. (Is there a way to switch these from TextMate?)

Rob McBroom

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