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Gerd Knops gerti-textmate at bitart.com
Thu Jun 30 05:27:34 UTC 2011

On Jun 29, 2011, at 6:57 PM, Dru Kepple wrote:

> A while back I tried TM over Xcode 3, and while TM is awesome and so much slicker when it comes to text manipulation, I found Xcode's code sense to be extremely helpful when writing those verbose Obj-C method names.  These days I find myself doing most coding in Xcode 4, with the project also open in TM.  When I need to do some proper columnar selection or fancier snippets, I pop over to TM.  But I  usually deem the overhead of that workflow not quite worth it most of the time.
I still do most of my OS X development in TextMate. Too much muscle memory, too many things I can't do in Xcode4, especially without user script support. And I have a system where all debug output is clickable and leads me right to the line in the source code that produced it. I only use Xcode for project management and occasional debugger runs, and lately the analyzer (which I had support for before in TM).

For iOS it becomes more difficult though. No convenient way to run the simulator from TextMate, so now there suddenly is much more switching between TextMate and Xcode, which is cumbersome. 

My biggest beef with Xcode is that it has been such a terribly moving target over the last years: user script script support came, changed dramatically, now it is gone. Shortcuts keep changing. Perforce and CVS support was yanked. Plugin support came and went. Interface Builder changed dramatically twice, now older nibs requiring palettes 
can no longer be used as palette support is gone. Single window concept makes dual monitor setups less useful. Much harder to use on smaller screens (laptops) these days.

During all this time I enjoyed relative stability using TextMate. So I am glad I used TextMate for OS X development.

Xcode4 has some rather powerful new features though. If just the editor were not so limited!

> I would love to learn if there are better techniques for using TM.  I dearly miss TM when working on iOS stuff, yet can't bring myself to be without the code sense and things like control-dragging from nibs to source code...
I doubt Apple will make the DND protocol public, and I guess they do not support inter-application drag, so reverse-engineering would not help either. It may be possible to add some of Xcode's functionality to TM, but with all that uncertainty over TM2 or not TM2 I guess people are holding back.


> +dru
> On Jun 29, 2011, at 4:40 PM, pier25 wrote:
>> Anyone using Textamte for developing Objective c using the iOS cocoa touch
>> libraries?
>> Is it better than using Xcode 4?
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