[TxMt] Re: Bundles (i.e. HTML tidy): Redirecting error messages from tooltip, to be put into a document instead

mdrejhon spamfilter at marky.com
Sat Jun 11 19:24:13 UTC 2011

Addendum (sorry), for the author of TextMate:
For (2) for full documents, this is easy. But for selection processing
(processing a bundle only on selected text), this seems a bit hard to add
this feature. One idea is you might be able to work around this by simply
compensating via counting from the line number of the first line of the
selection. Problem solved?

mdrejhon wrote:
> To the author of TextMate:
> I think there's an excellent suggestion for a feature that should be added
> to TM, I'd happily pay an upgrade fee to TM2 if this feature is adopted.
> (1) Add a feature that gives the option to redirect Bundle error messages
> to either a tooltip, or a new document .
> (2) Add a feature that allows you to click on a Bundle error message, and
> see it automatically jump to the offending line in the original document. 
> (i.e. error message at line 700).  This could be done by providing an
> error parser regex (perhaps bundle specific), so if the error regex
> matches, it grabs the line number from the error output, and jumps to that
> specific line number in the original document, making it easier to edit
> the document!
> mdrejhon wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Sometimes, some bundles that I run, generate a lot of error messages
>> (i.e. repetitive error messages about a bad CSS format that I'd like to
>> ignore temporarily for now).  The tooltip is bigger than the screen.
>> I'd like to edit the Bundle for "Html Tidy" to redirect all error
>> messages into a separate document, instead of a tooltip.   How do I edit
>> it?  I'm not familiar enough with Ruby to make that 1-line edit necessary
>> (I think one of you Ruby pro's can spend 30 seconds teaching a Ruby
>> newbie like me!  I appreciate it.)
>> Thanks!
>> Mark Rejhon

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