[TxMt] Re: Best iPad Text Editor for Textmate Users

Dr. Drang drdrang at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 22:45:43 UTC 2011

I use Elements despite the CRLF and BOM problems because its Dropbox syncing
is excellent, it has a Markdown preview button, and it includes a nice
monospaced font, Vera Sans Mono. You can see everything I like and dislike
about Elements (and why monospaced fonts are important to me) in these


One of the posts also describes a simple script that removes the BOM and
turns the CRLFs into LFs.

If I had an iPad, I'd also look into iA Writer. Because it's iPad-only, it's
of no use to me, but it includes a few good monospaced fonts. The
developer's ode to distraction-free writing (http://xrl.us/bied7x) was
silly, and was rightly mocked by Merlin Mann (http://xrl.us/bhz5cc), but the
app itself looked interesting to me.

The last time I looked (http://xrl.us/bh7qty), Nebulous Notes didn't
actually sync with Dropbox, it modified the files on the Dropbox server
directly, with no local copy. This is a disaster if you need access to your
files when you can't get a network connection.

Finally, there's the original syncing notes app, Simplenote. I stopped using
it because it only allows Helvetica, making it nearly impossible to align
columns, and it uses its own syncing system instead of Dropbox. But
Simplenote has, far and away, the best search feature of any of the notes
apps I've looked at. Still not incremental, though.
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