[TxMt] Re: Best iPad Text Editor for Textmate Users

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Sun Jan 9 08:15:20 UTC 2011

On Jan 8, 2011, at 11:12 PM, Owen Densmore wrote:

> I'm looking at the many iPad text editors and wonder which would work best with textmate.  I would prefer also to use Dropbox, so compatibility with DB would be a plus.  I currently use Textmate + Dropbox across a mini and a MBP and the sync feature is really nice.
> Problems with iPad that I've seen discussed is that they may force CR/LF, or do not handle UTF-8 correctly (scrambling characters), or match Windows users better than Mac.

You didn't mention what sort of stuff you would be writing. But for simple note taking I like PlainText:


It syncs with Dropbox and creates plain text files that can be edited in TextMate.

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