[TxMt] Executing a file based on manipulating TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY in Make->Run bundle

Stefan Wessels swessels at email.com
Sat Jan 8 08:27:27 UTC 2011


I am trying to change the "Make" Bundle's "Run" command.  I create projects
in folders and I want to execute an executable (in my case, I am writing
apps with the extension .prg for a Commodore 64 to be run inside an

Currently, I am using a line like this:
open "$TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY/myapp.prg"

The problem is I don't want the apps to all be called myapp.prg.  What I
would like is something more like:
open "$TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY".sub( /(.*)?\/(.*)$/, "\1/\2\2.prg" )
(I don't actually know Ruby but I used an online ruby regex explorer).
Translated, this means that I want to use the last component of
TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY as the filename, appended to the directory and then
append .prg to the end of that.

I tried the code below:
#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require ENV["TM_SUPPORT_PATH"] + "/lib/tm/executor"

TM_RUN = "open "+ENV['TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY'].gsub( /(.*)?\/(.*)$/,
"\1/\2/\2.prg" )
flags = ""

TextMate::Executor.run(TM_RUN, flags, :verb => "Running") do |line, type|

This didn't work. 2 Things are wrong. 1) the regex replace didn't work - I
am guessing that the return from ENV[] isn't something you can call .sub on?
-- and 2) the Executor.run says it wants the path added to the path variable
(I know that by feeding it a hard-coded line to an existing .prg file).

Can someone maybe help me figure out how to make this go?

Thank you

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