[TxMt] Possible to add on to language instead of "overwrite"?

minimal design textmate at minimaldesign.net
Wed Sep 22 18:55:27 UTC 2010

I've looked through the docs but can't figure it out...

I'm trying to add CSS3 stuff to the default CSS bundle, but I don't want to
touch the original bundle off course so in my own bundle I try something

{ scopeName = 'source.css.mcss'; fileTypes = ( 'css', 'css.erb', 'less');
foldingStartMarker = '/\*\*(?!\*)|\{\s*($|/\*(?!.*?\*/.*\S))';
foldingStopMarker = '(?<!\*)\*\*/|^\s*\}'; patterns = ( { name =
'meta.selector.css'; begin = '^(?=\s*[:.*#a-zA-Z])'; end = '(?=\{)';
patterns = ( { name = 'entity.name.tag.css'; match =
}, ); }, { include = "source.css"; } ); }

and I get all the new elements highlighted like they're supposed to, but
that "cancels out" the standard CSS elements. I thought adding the
"source.css" would take care of that but obviously it doesn't... Do I have
to include the standard elements back into the regex? Is there a better way?

Thanks for any pointer in the right direction!
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